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Since this is my personal website, here are a few details about myself

I Finished studying Medicine in 1968. Studied one year of Cardiology residency but quickly changed to Opthalmology from 17th January. I enjoyed my masters residency and fellowship from a prestigious University in India. It is named All India Institute of Medical Science (A.I.I.M.S).
I then started getting training from highly learned professors and subsequently i started working there as an Opthalmologist with Natural Society for prevention of Blindness India (NSPB).
After all this i got involved into a survey of screening 5000 school children, 5000 college boys and 5000 industrial workers.
Besides i got involved into a prestigious "I Hospital" at Modi Nagar with the co-operation of His Highness Jgarmal Modi who is the founder of Modi Nagar. On foundation stone of Modi Nagar I hospital, i was into the His Highness Shri Faqruddin Ali, who was the President of India.

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Al Fahim Medical Center
Deira Tower, 5th Floor

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